Transport – Starting with only 2 trucks, the company has expanded to keep pace with the rising need in the transportation industry. Evolving with the constantly changing requirements of today marketplace, Elite Ideal Logistic and Services Sdn Bhd can meet any transportation need that may arise by offering specialized wide load throughout Peninsular Malaysia..

We can accommodate any size shipment, from a few items to multiple truckloads to provide you with damage–free services.

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We ensure that our fleet of trucks are always well maintained, and have the best and the most updated fleet of trucks in service to ensure that it is capable of delivering high value, and oversized deliverables, efficiently and effectively, without causing any kind of loss, which is generally the case seen with many outsourced trucking service providers.

Skilled, experienced, dependable drivers pride in safeguarding your shipment, including pad-wrap service, to provide your shipment the best protection.

We realize the importance of time-sensitive transportation and to help you stay on schedule, computerized shipment registration, load planning and satellite tracking by using, which monitors the progress of your shipment from origin to final destination.

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